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Q: 1

What is a "Registered Interior Designer?"

A: 1

In Texas, a Registered Interior Designer is licensed and regulated by the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners. Other professionals regulated by this agency are Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers. 

Q: 2

What is required to become a Registered Interior Designer?

A: 2

The state of Texas requires 6 years of combined education from a CIDA accredited Interior Design program and work experience under a licensed Interior Designer or Architect.  The state also requires a passing score on all 3 portions of the 2-day NCIDQ exam.  The candidate is eligible for registration with the state of Texas when all these conditions are met.  A RID knows Fire Codes, Accessability and general building codes and is trained to specify appropriate materials in code regulated spaces.

Q: 3

Does a Registered Interior Designer have to maintain a record of Continuing Education Units or CEU's?

A: 3

Yes.  The state of Texas requires 8 units of continuing education per year.  The CEU's must meet the Health Safety and Welfare requirements and must include 1 unit of Barrier Free and 1 unit of Sustainability education. 

Q: 4

What does it mean to have RID, IIDA, ASID after your name?

A: 4

RID = Registered Interior Designer.  IIDA = International Interior Design Association.  ASID = American Society of Interior Designers. These indicate professional membership status in the organizations and also require continuing education units.  TAID (Texas Association for Interior Design) is the legislative coalition that protects the interior design profession and is made up of RID's, IIDA, ASID and unaffiliated members.

Q: 5

Is an Interior Decorator the same thing as a RID?

A: 5

No.  A decorator is typically a person with an interest or "flare" for adding accessories and ornamentation to a home or other space and may occasionally involve the selection of paint colors and other finish materials.  These persons are NOT regulated by the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners and have NOT met the requirements for state registration.  In Texas, anyone can call themselves an interior decorator or even interior designer.  The only title that is protected and regulated is "Registered Interior Designer."